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Esperanza (EKD002) Esperanza Dryer for mushrooms, fruit, vegetables CHANTERELLE

47,02 лв
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Esperanza Dryer for mushrooms, fruit, vegetables CHANTERELLEDescriptionDryer for mushrooms, fruit, vegetables CHANTERELLEDrying of products is an effective and easy way to maintenance, stop the smell and taste of food and dried products. As a result, throughout the year, you can enjoy the taste of the fruit, vegetables or mushrooms without the addition of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. This device retains the flavor and aroma of your favorite products for longer. It is essential in any modern and healthy cuisine. It has a large power of 250W and a built-in fan so that products are quickly, accurately and uniformly dried while retaining all the qualities of fragrance and taste. Easy storage through folding sitom. Характеристики
Sieves / trays:5
Drying modes:8
Overheating protection:Да
Мощност:250 W
Цвят:white Продукт известен още и като EKD 002 Chanterelles, EKD002Chanterelles
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